French newspaper

1.So are the French right?
Yeah i am thinking there right.

2. Would you read anything other than a free paper?
Yes I do, sometime when i need something importing and I do read novel books.

3. Would you think the ability to read and use words is lees important in a visual world?
When I read a news paper or even magazine, It’s his to be an important to learning more and every time you learning new words and this that what I do anyways.

4. Is news entertainment more important than information?

It’s really important, so you can know what going on in this world today. And cuse you live in it.

5. Why is the look of the newsreader as important as or more important than their interpretation of the news?
I guest its important.

6. How as a visual student do you interrogate or defend how your skills are used and for what purpose, before you get in real practice?
I thinking am helping in differing ways.

7. How do you know what you are part of, and how do you ensure that what you do has ethical credibility or is not part of the furtherance of dangerous and vested interests?
I think that affects everyone, moral dilemmas can be big or small.

8. Is it better to be a happy and struggle for the legal tender, just like everyone does?
I think that you need to know the right to tell what the rules are, and thinking about consequences. And sometime I am like everyone else.


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