Saul Bass

Saul Bass took a lot of inspiration from the works of Paul Rand. They both relied heavily on simplified shapes, but were far more expressive that minimalist design seen in constructivism. Bass cut shapes out by hand to assemble his designs leaving uneven edges and corners which added a casual quality to the forms. His ability to evoke strong emotions from simplified forms is most apparent in the crooked arm from his work on “The Man with the Golden Arm,” the hands reaching for a rifle in “Exodus,” and the dismembered body from “Anatomy of a Murder.”

Although Saul Bass is mostly remembered for his innovative work in the film industry, his logo work is just as unforgettable. Much of his work has withstood the test of time such as logos for United Way, Girl Scouts of America, Dixie, and AT&T. Honestly, the fact that Saul Bass designed the first AT&T globe logo makes receiving my monthly cell phone bill a bit more bearable (even thought the logo has been updated since then.)


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